Atlus Becomes Index Holdings' Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company

Atlus Becomes Index Holdings' Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company
What happens to Atlus?
There is an announcement that Atlus has became Index Holdings' wholly owned subsidiary company. Still has some process to make, but there is no opponent so it is already a fact.
Is that good news?
Atlus was doing bad because of its amusement department. After cutting the amusement department, Atlus is about to fight back, but at this particular moment it became some Index Holdings' wholly owned subsidiary company. That's just pushing a shipwreck survivor back into the sea.
Why is that so...
Because, it is Index Holdings.
Can't you explain clearly...
What I want to say is that Atlus' asset maybe used in a stupid way, which means low quality games and anime. That's a nightmare to old Atlus fans.
Atlus made many games for core fans, so really a serious situation huh.
At the end there will be restructuring inside the group, and Atlus may vanish. That's similar to BANDAI NAMCO's case. The brand of Atlus may remain, but its games in the future will be totally different from old Atlus.
Not only legacy, but new games would be affected also...
Improvement is possible.
If Index Holdings is a proper company, we should be happy. However that is not the case, that's why I can only think in a negative way.
Situation is so worse that I am angry with Konami who had abandoned Atlus in the past.
I worry about its future.
The effect of becoming a wholly owned subsidiary company will appear 2 years later, so no big different in the near future. Of course the staff will be affected, and I can only pray for those who remain in the company to hold on.

February 13, 2010 3:05 AM | Japanese Video Game Industry | Atlus

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