Cie'th Stone Mission 55. Get Growth Egg - FF13 FAQs & Walkthrough

Cie'th Stone Mission 55. Get Growth Egg - FF13 FAQs & Walkthrough
Today is Cie'th Stone Mission 55.
A famous mission to get an important item.
And the item is?
An accessory called "Growth Egg".
What is its effect?
Double CP gained.
Very important when we are hunting CP huh.
That's why I would recommend you to challenge the mission as soon as possible, provided that you have trained your team to a certain extent.
How can we unlock Cie'th Stone Mission 55?
Firstly, you need to play until the end of Chapter 11, and kill a certain enemy there. It is the final enemy before entering Chapter 12, killing it is one of the requirements to unlock Cie'th Stone Mission 55.
If you enter Chapter 12, you can't play missions for a while. So be careful, don't progress anymore after killing that enemy.
Chapter 12 begins with a long cut scene about Eidolon battle. If you want to get Growth Egg earlier, load back to the nearest save before that cut scene.
And there is other requirement right?
You need to clear Cie'th Stone Mission 14 too. Then you can unlock Cie'th Stone Mission 55. Location of the Cie'th Stone is Oerba Village - Plaza Ruins. Clear until Mission 14 first, then chase the story to the end of Chapter 11. You will visit Oerba Village at the end of Chapter 11 so you can save some time.
I see.
The next problem is to kill "Neochu". It comes with another monster "Picochus". As Neochu can call new Picochus to join the battle, you should kill Neochu first.
Neochu is quite strong, how should we fight?
Vanille use "Death". Death is effective.
We had explained Death at "Powerful Magic "Death" and "Bio"".
Control Vanille by yourselves, add Fang and Snow into the battle. Fang and Snow as Sentinel to absorb enemy attacks, Vanille as Saboteur to use "Death". If Fang and Snow are in danger, Vanille change to Medic, recover them, then change back to Saboteur to use "Death". If Death can hit Neochu early, the only thing left is to kill every Picochus one after another.
Any other points?
Press L1 Button to use "Barrier Smoke" before encounter. That can protect you. Fang and Snow should equip accessories enhancing defence, while Vanille should increase ATB speed by equipments. For ATB related equipments please refer to "Equipments with Haste".
That's all.
Quite a tough enemy, you need to try hard. You should Restart if Death can't hit Neochu at early stage. Growth Egg is very important for hunting CP so get it as soon as possible.

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Ok, i just followed what you said to do ... sorry didn't work for me. This is what i did. Vanille, Fang, and Hope. i used SAB/SEN/MED, hope is really strong as a med. and he kept everyone healed until i death'd the neochu. I went for this rite after i beat the game (still pretty weak).

I agree. I tried your method with Vanille, Fang and Hope. Got it second retry! Thanks

I can't get this working, is this possible at sab level 4 ????
i tried more than 15 times, each of them equals to 10 "Death" casts before he's fatal scream.

it still doesnt work

reply to my email adress please, even if ill come everyday to check any answers :)

This thread/post is probably old but I'm going to post what I did.

I also had trouble with the Vanille/Snow/Fang combo.

I had Vanille/Snow/Hope.

Vanille was Sab - Spam Death
Snow was Sen - Absorb Attacks
Hope was Med - Heal

Equip Vanille with Belladonna or Marlboro wand to increase the chance of death hitting.

Use a fortisol to give you auto haste, faith and bravery on all three. With Hope as a medic, the only thing you'll have to worry about is possibly the Neochu's Screech attack.

Spam death on the Neochu. Once you have killed the Neochu, summon Vanille's Eidolin. Enter gestalt mode and spam the X button on the picochus. By the time the Eidolin has to leave, there should only be two picochus left, and they should be close to dying.

Here you can either spam death on the last two, or you can use the death-switch technique. Cast death and hit L1. Right before it is about to strike, switch to Relentless Assault (Rav Rav Com) and the death attack will do twice as much damage. For me it went from 6000 to 12000. This should wipe them out completely. This method took me 7 minutes and I got a 5* rating. Enjoy your Growth Egg :D

Ok my issue is this.

I havent unlocked death yet....

Good news im about to. Was focusing on leveling up from top to bottow and loved fangs sab more to vanile but def killling catar primes are helping