Cie'th Stone Missions 41, 45 - FF13 FAQs & Walkthrough

Cie'th Stone Missions 41, 45 - FF13 FAQs & Walkthrough
Today is Cie'th Stone Missions 41 and 45.
Cie'th Stone Missions 35 to 51 are continuous missions. Although there are various routes, basically all those missions happen in a single area.
Are we going to talk about all of these?
No, I just want to talk about the difficult Missions 41 and 45.
Let's start with Mission 41.
You need to fight 3 Tonberry. Tonberry would use a strong attack according to our number of attack and the damage we give it. Tonberry use attack that can recover full HP too. You need to fight 3 Tonberry in a battle, so really have to learn about the method.
What should we do then?
Firstly, press L1 Button to use "Sneak Smoke" before encounter. Ambush the enemy. Then, you need to instantly kill one Tonberry at least. If you can do that, the remaining 2 Tonberry are easier to deal with.
And after that?
Use debuff "Dull" at one Tonberry, then concentrate attack on another. Control a character that can use "Dull" by yourselves. When there is only one Tonberry left, you can fight normally. Teammate's attack would cancel the effect of "Dull", so if you control a Saboteur to use "Dull", your teammate should be Medic, Sentinel or Synergist. Remember to use all kinds of buffs and debuffs, then you should be able to kill them. If not, train you team.
Let's talk about Mission 45. How should we fight?
Vanille use "Death". That's all.
That's all?
That's the easiest way. Depends on luck though. Control Vanille by yourselves and use Death. Add Medic and Sentinel into your team. If possible, change Sentinel to Saboteur to increase Death's probability. If the enemy call other monsters to join the battle, give up and Restart.
We can challenge easily by Restart.
If you want to fight normally, you need to make the equipment ability of Lucky Breaker in effect, and recover your HP during the battle. If you Break the enemy, attack continuously, don't let it fall down, and kill it. If you can't kill it, it would call other monsters to join and become more difficult. In that case, you need to train you team.
As for Lucky Breaker, refer to "Lucky Breaker is Powerful".
"Death" is really powerful huh.
That's all for today. Next time we will talk about the hardest Cie'th Stone Mission 51.

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